OTA Jetson nano


We are building a computer vision device based on Jetson Nano. It will be used in the smart city domain. As these devices are spread over the city we need to have an approach to update the device from remote. We had a look at the Mender.io platform but creating an image seems complex as we can’t use the image you provide. Using the update modules would be an option but as an extra difficulty the Mendor.io client is not supported on the Jetson platform. Possibly we can compile our own. Our python code

Before going into that direction I would like to know whether you guys have a solution for updating the OS (patches, …) and our Python code. We need to be able to update our code and restart the process as well as installing new code an starting new processes.

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Hi johan.kumps,

Currently we use deb package to to the OTA.


Thanks for the pointer!

Do you know a good tutorial for creating these deb packages?
After having the package what should be done in order for the Jetson Software Updater to find our package?
What needs to be configured on the device? Should I setup a repository? How?

Thanks again!

There is no official document yet but I wrote a developer wiki of hot to set up.

You could refer to: