OTA update fails with rootfsAB enabled(r32.7.1 > r32.7.2)


When I did an OTA update from 32.7.1 to 32.7.2 with rootfsAB enabled, it did not update and started with 32.7.1.

We also ran the update from 32.6.1 to 32.7.1 with rootfsAB enabled and confirmed that it updated successfully.

Is this phenomenon a bug in the 32.7 series?

Probably due to

Thank you very much.

I will check the above forum.

I checked the above forum and could not find what caused this update to fail.

Is this a problem that only occurs with the 32.7 series (or 32.7.2)?

Will this bug be fixed in later versions?

RootfsAB requires to modify the extlinux.conf. But rel-32.7.2 has problem in reading extlinux.conf.

That is why I shared you the patch to fix extlinux.conf issue.

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