Out of memory Gstreamer via GSTD with interpipe

Hello, the following short Python script runs out of memory and GSTD gets killed in about 1 minute on a Jetson TX2 development kit that I believe is fully updated. Switching nveglglesink to xvimagesink has same problem with quickly running out of memory, but with fakesink it will run forever. No errors are generated when I attach the pygst logger. Really appreciate any help anyone can offer. Thanks!

from pygstc.gstc import *
gstd_client = GstdClient()
pipeline_source = ‘videotestsrc ! interpipesink name=source’
pipeline_display = ‘interpipesrc listen-to=source ! nveglglessink’

Hmm adding block=true to interpipesrc seems to fix the problem? Still working out what the implications are of that…

More details here: https://github.com/RidgeRun/gst-interpipe/issues/45

Please try dangessner’s suggestion.
interpipesink and interpipesrc are native gstreamer elements. We rarely use the elements and don’t know muchabout these. Thanks dangessner for sharing experience.