"Out of memory" message

After system booting, we run
$ nvgstplayer-1.0 -i xxx.mp4 --loop-forever
to play a video repeatedly. This is the only thing we do after system booting,
But after about 3~4 hours or more, there will be these messages:
[12967.752845] Out of memory: Kill process 2265 (compiz) score 22 or sacrifice child
[12967.760345] Killed process 2265 (compiz) total-vm:218980kB, anon-rss:29456kB, file-rss:13080kB
[12973.815764] Out of memory: Kill process 4546 (compiz) score 14 or sacrifice child
[12973.823506] Killed process 4546 (compiz) total-vm:275276kB, anon-rss:26304kB, file-rss:740kB

But if we play this video with script:


while [ 1 ]
   gst-launch-1.0 filesrc location=xxx.mp4 ! qtdemux name=demux ! h264parse ! omxh264dec ! nvoverlaysink -e;

We never see “Out of memory” message even playing the video more than 3 days.
Is it possible there is memory-leak problem using nvgstplayer-1.0 --loop-forever or something else…

Hi Tim2016,
Does the issue happen on r21.5?

It has no issue to launch the pipeline via script. Is this good for you?

It happens on r21.5 too.

It’s ok for me to play video repeated using this simple script.
I just want to confirm with you if this is nvgstplayer-1.0 issue.

Hi Tim2016, it should be an issue in nvgstplayer-1.0.

You might want to try running via Valgrind, e.g.:

valgrind --leak-check=yes myprog arg1 arg2...