Out of space on Xavier. Will an SSD allow installation of external libraries?

I have just flashed my Xavier with JetPack 4.2.1 (including all the optional packages) and installed jetson-inference library from dustynv on GitHub. It takes up about 3 GB space.

I want to install librealsense for using Intel’s D435i camera. However, I ran out of space during the installation. I do not want to remove the jetson-inference models downloaded.

My only option seems to be to install an m.2 SSD, but as I understand, it is not possible to boot from that SSD directly and the installation directories /usr/local/bin and /usr/local/lib/ for external libraries will always reside on the eMMC memory.

That being so, what is the way to install more stuff on the Xavier? Can I somehow boot from the SSD or symlink these directories to somewhere on the SSD? Would that work?

Anything which is not required during boot can be put on a different partition. This is true regardless of whether the partition directly mounts on a location (e.g., one could mount a partition on “/home”, which is a common use), or if the directory or files are symbolic links.

Directly booting from SSD would be more problematic.

Thank you. I have verified that everything works from an SSD mounted via USB. An m.2 should work just as well.