Out-of-spec i2s clock voltage

I have 2 I2S microphones ( ics-43434 and the SPH0645LM4H ). both work well on esp-32 micro controller (sound recorded via i2s protocol, good quality).
on my jetson nano, only one microphone (the SPH0645) is able to record properly while the other one gives off static noise.
since both mics are configured similarly on their respective PCB (pull down resistor on SELECT pin for mono recording, capacitor between GND and 3.3v etc.) - I suspect the issue is somewhere else.
I measured with a scope and found that the signal on the clock pin is between 0.75v and 2v. on the ESP32 I get 0v to 3.25 clock signal. I do not believe this is according to spec. is this a configuration issue? I really want to use the ics-43434.

attached below - my scope snapshot.