out of the box install: cannot flash Xavier device

got the Xavier developer kit yesterday and installed SDK manager on the host (Ubuntu 18.04). The manager downloaded the SW packages from the internet, but then got stuck trying to flash the Xavier. The error message is:
"Could not connect to the target device or the device is not in recovery mode.

  • when the device is in recovery mode, ‘lsusb’ command on your host machine will list “NVidia Corp” and the ID is NOT 0955:0720."

I have faithfully followed the instructions:

  1. Host is connected to front USB-c on Xavier
  2. Xavier powered up in recovery mode (press Force recovery, hold, press Power, hold, release both buttons)

command ‘lsusb’ does not show anything pertaining to ‘Xavier’ or ‘Nvidia’. Could it be the the unit is DOA? Any help is appreciated.


Never mind, simple user error! I did plug it into the back USB-C, not the front: my bad - working now.