Outdated Omni Replicator version in Isaac Sim


I noticed that my version of omni replicator is 1.7.8 and it is shown as up to date in the Isaac Sim extensions. Is there any other way to update replicator to the latest 1.9.8? I tried reinstalling, but still have 1.7.8 after installation.

Thanks in advance.

Hi @meiramovrahat787 - The latest replicator will come with latest Isaac Sim release around August timeframe. May I know where did you see the option to update the replicator to latest 1.9.8?

I found that the latest version is 1.9.8 from replicator documentation here: Changelog — omni_replicator 1.9.8 documentation

The compatible version of Replicator with new Isaac Sim release is planned towards towards Aug/Sep timeframe.

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