Output format UNSIGNED_BYTE4 for Simple Tone Mapper


Is that possible to add UNSIGNED_BYTE4 format for output_buffer of Simple Tone Mapper?

I have a D3D/CUDA shared texture, and I use Buffer::map, Buffer::umap and cudaMemcpyToArray to copy the optix output to it. As I don’t need my texture to be HDR and copying UNSIGNED_BYTE4 is faster than copying FLOAT4, I just make the output buffer to be UNSIGNED_BYTE4.

Unfortunately, Simple Tone Mapper only supports FLOAT4 to FLOAT4. Maybe I am wrong, could FLOAT4 to UNSIGNED_BYTE4 be more useful? As many people do tone mapping from HDR to LDR for display.

Thank you very much,


Currently it is restricted to FLOAT4. However, we are working on other input/output element types for an upcoming release.