Outsourcing CUDA F Acc work

hi folks,

Ive historically done work myself but as a small company and too much work in the short term im looking to outsource a job. id estimate a few days to begin with but could be more. I took a gamble on an outsourcing company for some VB.NET work in Ukraine, im based in the UK. This generally went well. However, CUDA F through Portland Compiler is more specialized and am looking for a similar setup with someone with this capability. Can anyone advise on who?

The job would be to profile an old fortran program which is used for chemical analysis. Its entirely serial. After profiling would expect that just the most time/computationally intensive regions of the code would be considered, potentially restructured and parallelised for GPU.

I can send source code and test datasets, but would need to remain confidential.

I am most comfortable with PG F ACC and would hope it could be done in this so I can follow what has been done.

Anyone interested? Any advice on companies who can provide this service at a reasonable cost? English speaking required. General Fortran experience and Fortran ACC experience also required.


Im same user as post starter (Alastairadb10) I logged in with wrong, old, account. Been a while.

Meant to say on the post that may be more than just a few days work and was looking for feedback from anyone who may want to get involved. Also does not need to be a ‘company’. Enthusiast most welcome if have the skills!


Hi Al,

I think I might have the skills you require. Please contact me at kyleDOTdDOTfernandesATgmailDOTcom so that I can let you know more about me and my qualifications and so that I can find out a bit more about the software in question.


Kyle, can you confirm you have received emails of last couple of days. Thanks

Hi all, This work is still available and in fact i am hoping can be started really soon. the timings do not work out for Kyle the above post’er so Im keen to find someone who can help.

the project is actually not confidential at all. Thats the wrong word in the original post. i just need to assure IPR remains with my company. if you want more details just message me or post here.

Its all ready to go. I have source code, input and output files (for unit testing) and scope defined and on dropbox. Can have Skype chat to discuss rates.

No Chemical experience required but general Fortran and PG F ACC is important.

Alastair a[dot]black[at]gwscience[dot]co[dot]uk

Hi Al,

I’m not sure how many responses you’ll get since most folks on our Forums will only look at a response to their own postings or are looking for particular answer.

Hence, you may want to contact one of the consulting companies recommended by NVIDIA: http://www.nvidia.com/object/cuda_consultants.html. I’d start with Stone Ridge since they do have experience with computational chemistry codes as well as CUDA Fortran and OpenACC.

Hope this helps,

Thats very helpful thanks. Yes ive been really surprised how difficult it has been to find paid support. i didnt realise that page existed so looking now.