OV RTX Renderer support for USDGeomBasisCurve

We use USDGeomBasisCurve for defining hair geometry (eg converted from XGen and similar tools to USD). These do show up in the basic hydra renderer, but not in the RTX renderer. So:
a) Are there any planned support for rendering USDGeomBasisCurve?
b) Is there a subset of USDGeomBasisCurve supported by the renderer?

This is currently the only blocker for full realtime visualization, so we would be grateful for any tips or timeline on this

This is planned and development is already underway to support this. Will post update here once we have a release date. Stay tuned.

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Thanks. I understand it’s not a trivial thing to support (ie for full groom rendering without killing rendertime entirely), so I am looking forward for any updates :)

If you have seen the RTX Renderer talk from Ignacio at GTC today, you can see preview of polygon based hair (many xx millions of them) render with RTX Renderer and the performance is very good for the complexity and density. Check it out.