OV10640 camera MAX9286 configuration modification problem

Because the hardware of the OV10640 camera we are using now does not match the PX2,
Need to modify the initial configuration of the MAX9286 register。
Try modifying the /px2/5050bL_SDK/DriveSDK/drive-t186ref-linux/samples/nvmedia/ext_dev_prgm/drv/isc_max9286 file
And compiled and generated libnv_extimgdev.so in nvmedia/ext_dev_prgm/img_dev
The question is, how can I make my modified configuration take effect in the PX2 ipp_raw program?
I moved to PX2 after ipp_raw was compiled.
And tried moving the newly compiled libnv_extimgdev.so to PX2 /usr/lib
But what is frustrating is that the new configuration has not taken effect. What am I missing?

I saw LDLIBS += -lnv_extimgdev in the IPP_RAW makefile.
It should be called here.
But how does the new libnv_extimgdev.so work in IPP_RAW?
Direct make does not take effect.

hello Calmcar-Bao,

sorry for late reply,
could you please check the sources under below.


and checking the *.setting.h for the initial configuration.