OV9281 device tree example?

I notice there is an OV9281 camera driver in the kernel source for JetPack 4.4. This suggests to me that this camera may have been used before. Is there an example of the device tree settings required for this Omnivision sensor (particularly for the camera modes) somewhere?

I would like to get this sensor working with the Xavier NX. Any help would be appreciated. I am aware of ArduCam’s Jetvariety driver but am hoping to use the ov9281 driver instead as I wish to make use of the ISP and GPU with this camera as efficiently as possible and without the need for extra boards.

I have modified the driver and device tree settings for another CSI camera on the TX2 (as opposed to the NX) so I have some familiarity with these elements of camera integration.

Below topic may help for this sensor.

Thank you. That information does, indeed, look useful. I should have searched outside the NX posts. I’ll look into that other camera manufacturer.