Over Powered! :(

So I was slightly intoxicated one night and I plugged the wrong barrel charger into my Nano. It was a 7.5v 2a Charger. I realized it later on what I had done. However it doesn’t boot anymore. It kind of turns on but won’t do anything. No video or anything seemingly going on. The fan starts up. That’s about all.

Honestly, I was just wondering if anyone else has done this with the board yet??? I purchased another one bc my final project for a class uses the controller. I’m not too concerned if it’s fixable, I’d like to know what happens when you over power it. Did I blow a component out of the development kit or the chip itself.

Thanks Guys,

I can only guess, but likely part of the power delivery components on the carrier board died. The module itself has a reasonable chance of still working if on a different carrier board. If you ordered a new dev kit, then you could see what happens when you move the module of the bad unit to the carrier board of the new unit. Do beware that the commercial modules with eMMC do not work on the dev kit carrier board.

Thanks! I will swap them out and see what happens,