Over the air data transfer

I want to connect a presence sensor over the air to nvidia jetson TX2. how do I do this, since there are no procedures for this and I am pretty new at this [using nvidia Jetson]. i am using esp8266 nodeMCU to connect to Nvidia Jetson, tried using mqtt, can’t rap my head around it. Kindly need help. Thanks

Never used this, but it looks like it works with both 3.3V GPIO (which the TX2 dev kit supports, but you’d have to program how you use that) and a serial UART (the UART appears to use the cp210x driver, which is probably already present in newer releases, but in need of addition in older JetPack releases). This was apparently intended with Arduino, which has an environment set up already, but not sure what you’d do to develop with a Jetson. All I can say is that "it looks like it might work, but some reasearch would be required.

Can you provide me with any good resource where I can get this up and running because I’ve tried research and wasn’t able to get get anything even mqtt on NVIDIA jets on was a no go? Are there any alternatives you can suggest for me to achieve my goal much easier. Thanks

I’ve never worked with such a device, I am only going by the pins being labelled as GPIO 3.3V which has a possibility of working (GPIO, by its nature, is just a pin which reflects a 1 or a 0 to the outside world…or detects a 1 or 0 from the outside world…Arduino and a TX2 would not differ in this respect…only the program using the pin would differ). All of the web searches I looked at indicate an Arduino development environment, and there were some sample programs listed, but the actual GPIO setup on the Jetson side would differ. I think if I were to do this I would first find out which GPIO or other pin function is to be used, and then research how to make sure the GPIO on the Jetson could be set up to emulate the Arduino. Experiment with using echo commands into “/sys” to control GPIO, and then figure out how to adapt some program running on the Jetson to read/write to that GPIO the same as one of those sample programs somewhere on the web.