Over The Air for Applications

Hello experts,

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We would like to update the custom-built applications over the air into the remotely deployed jetson Nano.

Does Jetpack SDK have an in-built feature/package to Support the Over the Air installation of applications from remote server?

Try here: NVIDIA Jetson Linux Developer Guide, under the “Quick Start Guide” there is a section called “Over-the-Air(OTA) Update”.

That might be what you’re looking for. I haven’t tried it myself though, so can’t comment.

If you can set up an apt server with repositories giving versions of your software with dependencies, it should just be a matter of adding these paths into a list file in /etc/apt/sources-list.d

You might also want to consider using containers with Docker as a way of distributing/updating your application(s). That makes it easy to bundle dependencies inside the container and avoid conflicts with other packages. You could host your container on DockerHub or another container repository and pull updates from there.