Over-the-air (OTA) A/B image updates on the Jetson platform

We are excited to announce the integration of Mender with JetPack 4.6 production release supporting Jetson Xavier NX, Jetson AGX Xavier series, and Jetson TX2 series modules.

JetPack 4.6 release introduced support for locally triggered A/B image updates on the Jetson platform. Mender has collaborated with NVIDIA to enable symmetric full root filesystem image update. Below is the high-level user flow, which “clones” the running image of a golden device and deploys it in a robust manner to the entire fleet:

  • Download L4T image from NVIDIA
  • Use NVIDIA tools to flash A/B setup with L4T image
  • Install Mender as deb package, plus integration layer
  • Run Mender snapshot to create Artifact
  • Deploy Artifact snapshot to fleet

A full tutorial on the reference integration with the JetPack 4.6 based on NVIDIA documentation is found on Mender Hub, the open source community for Mender. This integration works for all Jetson SOMs with support for the official L4T (Ubuntu-based) operating system, running JetPack 4.6 or later. As it is built on top of the latest JetPack SDK release, there is no need to have separate integrations when building and deploying applications on different Jetson SOMs.

For more information on supported boards with L4T (Ubuntu), NVIDIA’s official OS distribution, visit this page.

Great! Thanks for your support and sharing to community!

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