Over-the-Air update: Is USB cable should be connected with target board and Host machine for BSP flashing via OTA?

Hi team,
For OTA update my set up is:

  1. Ubuntu 18.04 used as OTA server. This machine is connected to internet.
  2. Target board used is steive with AGX nx module. This board is connected to host machine via USB cable in Recovery mode. Also it connects to network.
  3. SDK manager is installed sucessfully in host machine .It is using for BSP flashing.
    When I trigger OTA update via SDK manager ,Iam able to download and flash successfully the BSPs available (Jetpack 5.1, jetpack 5.02 etc…)in SDK manager.
    Is this BSP flashing can be possible via network not through usb?

OTA update means a network based update. Flashing is something completely different. The former uses the Jetson fully booted and networked, while the latter implies recovery mode with USB connected to the host PC.

Note that there is a virtual wired ethernet on a fully booted Jetson, and this is one possibility for networking when fully booted (the host PC would need to be set up to allow this). Most people would just use the wired ethernet or Wi-Fi.

SDKM only matters on the host PC when flashing a Jetson. SDKM does install optional content on the fully booted Jetson, and so after a flash completes, the Jetson will automatically reboot, and only then (with first boot account setup) would optional content install be involved.

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