Overclocking and Undervolting support parity with Windows (Voltage-Frequency "Curve", Wayland support)

If nvidia could simply give a method / API to

  • view frequency target for each voltage
  • set frequency target for each voltage
  • set memory clock (specifically under wayland, can do on X11 fine)
  • do this under X11 and Wayland

We could easily have everything solved.

Undervolting? Done. Users can easily make a script with an array of frequencies (which you could create yourself, or just grab from MSI Afterburner on windows) to set at each voltage.

Overclocking? Easy. Just loop through each voltage, view its frequency target, and apply that target with a user supplied offset

AMD already has this solved. Now its your turn. We need nvidia to be viable under Linux, however with these clear missing features, its hard to justify purchasing a new nvidia GPU.

You guys have done a really good job on Explicit Sync and the drivers as a whole for the past year or two. There’s only very little left to make Nvidia a recommendable option under Linux. However these little things which are left are some of the biggest bugs / issues / missing features.

I hope we can see this solved somewhat soon. I commend the Nvidia team for making such power efficient cards as of late, however we need granular control parity like we have on windows with software like MSI Afterburner.

P.S. we DO NOT need MSI Afterburner on linux. We just need the same ability to edit the voltage-frequency curve, and Nvidia has the power to supply this. As users we can easily create scripts and tools and implement them into already working software like GreenWithEnvy.