Overclocking options enabled with "Coolbits 8" have no effect / Confusing clock rates


I’m using an MSI GTX 960 Gaming 4G with the newest drivers (370) on Linux Mint 18. Since many MSI cards don’t run on their highest setting by default, I wanted to bump up the clock rates to this level (ooor maybe a little higher :D) manually.

To do so, I added “Coolbits 8” to my xorg.conf. It looks like this now:


The new options for overclocking do show up - but nothing seems to happen when I enter values in the provided fields? Additionally, those numbers shown don’t add up with the cards specs, which should top off at 1304 Mhz. That being said, when set to “Prefer Maximum Performance”, the clock rates do go up to 1279 Mhz as is to be expected from the factory settings - and not anywhere near the displayed 1493 Mhz.

Am I reading / doing something wrong? Any hints towards de-confusion very much appreciated :D.