Overclocking pascal under linux w/o X

Hi there,

I’m using a server for mining and as such it has no X.

Anyone aware of options on overclocking it then? Want +750 on VRAM and -38% on max power. Those settings are extremely stable and it runs mostly on 918mV @61 degrees then.

Forced to use Windows 10 now as I can’t seem to overclock it from cli. nvidia-settings keeps complaining it can’t connect to X, even when using options that only have CLI output. Kinda upsetting especially since it’s also advertised for CUDA/OpenCL.


Voltage tuning is not available/possible in Linux.

Power limiting is available.

GPU/RAM overclocking/downclocking are available.

Everything can be done using nvidia-settings, e.g.

Overclock RAM by 400MHz:

nvidia-settings -a [gpu:0]/GPUMemoryTransferRateOffset[3]=400

Yeah, it is really annoying that nvidia-settings is hardwired with X11.

If you are familiar with Docker you can run X11 in a container without having to install it on your host. See: https://github.com/BugRoger/dockerfiles/tree/master/nvidia-settings

You need to bake in the proper xorg.conf depending on your rig. Mount in in the nvidia driver and cuda toolkit from the host.