Overcurrent Error Message on Heavy Load


  • Orin Nano 8G Devkit Carrier Board
  • Orin NX16G Module mounted on Carrier Board
  • Jetpack 5.1.1 fresh Install
  • PyTorch Object detection application

System runs fine in 25W mode.
System displays error message “System throttled due to Over-current.” in MAXN mode when PyTouch application ist running.
Screenshot from 2023-05-04 12-50-33

Jetson Power GUI shows 2.2A current in 25W mode and up to 3.2A current in MAXN mode.

We tried several power supplies:

  • 45W (19V, 2.37A)
  • 65W (19V, 3.42A)
  • 90W (19V, 4.74A)


  • How to get rid of this error? Can we increase the threshold value safely? Would we need a bigger cooling solution?
  • Where is the hardware for the Power GUI located physically? Is it part of the module itself, or is it part of the carrier board? I’d like to have this feature in my own hardware.
  • We are using an Orin NX module on an carrier board for an Orin Nano, which draws only half the power. Is this the root cause of this error message, or is it a module limitation?


I can’t solve the issue, but here is some information you might find of use…

Jetsons have various “power models”, and those models specify a maximum current based on that model. If the power is going to exceed the model’s specification, then it throttles back clock speeds. MAXN is of course the maximum power model, but it is still possible to need throttling back if current exceeds that specification. However, unlike the other models, you can’t just change to a higher power model since the cooling and safe limits would be exceeded. It isn’t a bug.

I suppose that someone experimenting with something like water cooling or liquid nitrogen cooling might want to allow more current. I don’t know how you’d allow that, although it is perhaps possible.

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