Overheating M1000M

I have Lenovo P50 with M1000M I am using with bumblebee. I noticed long time ago than this configuration pretty much guaranteed to overheat, especially on linux. Problem seems to be that Nvidia and main cpu share single heating, and NVIDIA is never throttling or something like that on the levels way way higher than CPU allows. So system just shut itself down. I hope that someone will fix driver/BIOS, but two years passed already and that never happened.

I tried to contact manufacturer: https://forums.lenovo.com/t5/Linux-Discussion/P50-M1000M-overheating-in-Linux-while-on-NVIDIA/td-p/4015249

I basically checked everything, but there seems to be no way to lower temp of frequencies from user side. Only 3 power modes ‘full, VERY limited and VERY VERY limited’.

I know that Linux driver is provided by NVIDIA, is it possible PLEASE to lower the throttling temp somehow for Lenovo P50 configuration with M1000M inside the driver?

Thanks in advance,

This sounds rather like a broken cooling system. Looking at the specs, the P50 has a dual fan setup, this should keep the gpu and cpu at temperatures low enough for continued high workloads. It’s sold as a mobile workstation, after all.
Are both fans working, can you set them to maximum speed and is airflow steady?
The throttling temps are set by bios, so there’s nothing to do for the driver.

Both coolers are fully functional. Flow is steady. RPM is measured. Well, second fan speed can not be measured from Linux but it seems to be rotating, but it is kind of similar. Air is hot, temperature rising slowly. What could be broken there? It is clear that GPU heating CPU and CPU heating GPU, so connection should be fine, if there was a problem in heat dissipation - it would be one thing overheating. I even tried to use additional huge cooler - even that is not enough. It actually heats for longer but that still unable to dissipate heat.


So for me it sounds more like GPU dissipating too much that means that frequency/voltage should be lowered. And definitely - how is it possible that throttling temp for GPU is almost lower than shutdown temp for CPU?

I do not know why - may be I have unusual configuration or something like that - typically this notebooks are M2000M with 4k display and M1000M with 1080p. Mine is M1000M with 4k (which I am not using anyway, running it in 1080p).

Maybe the heatpipes are loose or missing compound. If it is still in warranty, I’d talk to my local Lenovo dealer about this. Like said, it’s a mobile workstation it should never do a thermal shut-down.