Overheating while flashing


I’m trying to flash an Xavier NX on our custom carrier board in a custom enclosure with a thermal design that requires the fan to run. For debugging I have a microcontroller that can pull down the FORCE_RECOVERY pin and make the USB device port available on the outside of the box.

The NX comes up properly, and I can start flashing. But the process fails mid-flash, and I suspect it has to do with heat. Can flash.sh or tegrarcm or some other tool in the stack control the fan PWM?

Alternatively, is there a way to sideload a small initrd-esque binary that can control the fan and support flashing using the new tooling from Jetpack 4.6?

Thanks :)

I can’t answer the fan part, but there are a lot of other reasons why flash might fail in the middle, e.g., using a VM. Is it possible for you to test this same setup with lower heat first to verify that the flash continues when heat is reduced? It’d still be interesting to know if there is fan control available during flash, but due to the number of reasons why flash might stop, I’d be a bit wary to conclude it is the heat causing the failure without first testing for non-heat failure.

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hello jc1,

it’s by default to enable fan at full-speed spinning during the image flashing process.
please access Jetson Xavier NX Product Design Guide and also review the custom carrier board design.