Overkill assets for RTX 2070 Super?

I am testing all different assets for Omniverse
I downloaded this scifi hallway:

Inside that, I dropped this nice Abandoned Carnival Circus:

Together these make my machine to crawl, it´s an overkill:

From the above video you can see that if I hide the Scifi Hall way, then the scene is fast enough to work with :)
This makes me think, are there any options for me to make this overkill scifi hallway to render faster when working in Machinima - maybe with no textures? Or some other “decrease details” feuture?

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Rendering of this came out quite nice with 3000 pix wide RTX Real-time:

There is some extra quality in the “combined magic of Quixel Suite and UE4” as they say in UE marketplace.
If there are any options I wish in the post above, I would sure like to use these kind of assets, along with more “native” Omniverse environments.

Hey, I found the most important setting, it was very simple:
Render settings / renderer: Real-Time / Ray Tracing / Antialising
Algorithm DLSS
Execution mode: Performance

rendering was only few minutes, so these are not overkill for RTX 2070 :)