Overlay tracking ID on detectNet class

I’m following the examples in the hello ai world of object detection and tracking.

I would like to display the track id on the bounding box.

Is this possible?

I went over the API documentation of detectNet and saw flags for ‘box’, ‘lines’, ‘labels’, ‘conf’, ‘none’.

How can also overlay also tracking id (or any other info?)


Hi @oraday, you can use the “track” or “tracking” flag to the overlay option, in combination with the others that you listed above. The tracking info will only show up for detections that have an active tracking ID.

Thank you Dusty.

Is it possible to overlay also custom data (in addition to the flags options)?


@oraday to do that, I’d either edit the detectNet::Overlay() source code, or make your own overlay function in Python using these CUDA drawing functions (plus the jetson_utils.cudaFont that you can see used in imagenet.py)