Overlayfs during flashing


In my Xavier, I have 14GB of eMMC and 64GB of SDCard.
My goal is to have a single monolithic space of 64 + 14 = 78GB after successful flashing of the device.
I searched around and found overlayfs as a solution for this. My idea is to have something like LVM and I don’t know if overlayfs provides such a feature for me. I would appreciate if you could guide me through this.

This is not possible on a Jetson. The boot chain does not support LVM. You can either directly boot to the eMMC, or you can initrd flash to boot to the SD.

Thanks for letting me know. what about overlayfs ? How can I configure overlayfs on Jetson Xavier?

In theory this can work. It might not be easy to set up, and might require an initrd flash (an initial ramdisk is a very simple tree-based filesystem in RAM that goes away after being used).

The initrd, or initial ramdisk, acts something like an adapter between boot stages and the Linux kernel load. Usually requirements for odd filesystem types which are not known by the boot stages can be worked around by putting the right drivers and software in the initrd, which is what allows the Linux kernel to take over the function instead of requiring the boot software to be modified. Once the Linux kernel gets its minimum list of requirements out of the initrd it will pivot the root of the filesystem over to the actual filesystem (in this case an overlayfs).

Actual details for overlayfs will need someone who has actually installed this to answer since Jetson boot is non-standard.

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