Overridden in multiple layers, see log for for details

I’m testing the replicator, but following warning pops up when creating a simple 3D shape.

in script editor
import omni.replicator.core as rep

with rep.new_layer():
rep.create.cone(count=100, position=rep.distribution.uniform((-100, -100, -100), (100, 100, 100))

pop up warning
Overridden in multiple layers, see log for details.

in terminal
[Warning] [omni.kit.widget.layers.layer_model]/ Replicator/Cone_Xform_99.xformOp: traslate is overridden in a stronger layer (Root Layer)

What is the cause and what needs to be solved and where I can see log?

Hi there,

the warning is thrown because the cones are spawned in a separate anonymous layer. It is however expected. Having the changes done in a separate layer makes sure you do not accidentally change anything in the root layer.

You can also spawn the cones in the root layer by omitting with rep.new_layer()

import omni.replicator.core as rep

rep.create.cone(count=100, position=rep.distribution.uniform((-100, -100, -100), (100, 100, 100)))


Thank you so much^^

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