Overriding device tree dtb with dtsi for driver


Considering the ov5693 device driver, the matching dtsi files are being compiled into a single dtb file that resides on the jetson platform.
So when updating the dtsi (such as new modes etc.), it is necessary to regenerate the entire dtb, sign it and flash it to the platform, some contents are also part of the system image itself.

Is it possible to somehow override the dtb contents of a device driver without having to go through the step above?
Taking the example of ov5693 dtsi files, I’d be happy to modify some of them (or mainly tegra194-camera-e3326-a00.dtsi) and generate a single standalone dtso/dtb file that would override the contents in the jetson.


it can be done by DTB overlay files, you may see-also developer guide, To Create and Apply a DTB Overlay File.

Thanks @JerryChang, this means that an initial modification of the device tree is still necessary to prepare the system for future “lightweight” updates, but makes sense :-).

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