OVS-DPDK connection tracking offload

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I have tried to configure ovs hw offload and ovs conntrack offload. Then conntrack -L is listing the connections, however some of the connection seems missing or not recognized as established state correctly.

Then I tried to configure ovs-dpdk hw offload then followed by ovs conntrack offload. The conntrack tool seems not tracking flows at all. And ovs-vswitchd log is showing error of “rte_flow creation failed and hardware refuses to create flow”.

Does ovs-dpdk support ovs conntrack? Or did I do something wrong? What is the beat way to track established connections, should I use sft and dpi API instead?

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Hi 1036780073,

Thank you for posting your query on NVIDIA Community.

I would like to inform that MLNX OFED should be used if you are using Nvidia/Mellanox Adapters to avail the features.

based on the User Manual of latest version of MLNX OFED 23.10, following instructions have been shared to configure OVS hardware offload/Connection Tracking and commands to view the same → https://docs.nvidia.com/networking/display/mlnxofedv23100550/ovs+offload+using+asap²+direct#src-144710452_safe-id-T1ZTT2ZmbG9hZFVzaW5nQVNBUMKyRGlyZWN0LW92cy1kcGRraHdvZmZsb2Fkcw

Complete detail regrading OVS offload is outlined at → OVS Offload Using ASAP² Direct - NVIDIA Docs


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