P2379 MAX9286 no CSI output

I am debugging image capture on the P2379 board(image capture device is MAX96705+ov490+10640).Now Max9286 can detect the presence of video link,but the CSI of P2379 has not received any data.Could anyone tell me how to deal with the problem?
Thanks a lot.

hello JSUN25,

could you please share more details about your environment setups,
for example, what’s the release image you’re currently working with.
also, could you please refer to nvmedia samples for the scripts to access camera sensors.

Thanks for your reply.
My SDK version is,FW- can use the IPP_YUV program of NVMEDIA to access the 10640 sensor, and the MAX9286 can communicate with MAX96705, and the VIDEO LINK can be detected,but CSI cannot receive anydata.Can you offer some suggestions to slove this problem?
Thanks a lot.

Hi JSUN25,

Please refer to https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/topic/1044928/drive-hardware/does-px2-support-ov10640-max96705-camera-module-/post/5301689/#5301689.

Thank you for your reply.But there is nothing in this topic that i need.

Now i want to query whether MAX9286 has the correct CSI data sent out.
Can you tell me the method of inquiry?

I mean according to that topic currently only the two combinations are supported.

Thanks for your reply.Now i have measured MAX9286 with oscilloscope that no CSI data has been send out, but the query MAX9286 VIDEOLINK has detected .Can you give some advice on the situations that might lead to this phenomenon?Thank you.

Hi JSUN25,

Is there any test pattern generator support in max9286?
If just not able to generate CSI data, maybe you can check if any max9286 relevant topics in jetson forum (https://devtalk.nvidia.com/default/board/139/jetson-embedded-systems/) or other forums are helpful?
I remember some developers brought up max9286 successfully.

Thanks for your reply.I have a question,How does NVMEDIA control the configuration of CSI?Can you provide the source code to us, then we can check the problem with code?Thansk.

I can detect the CSI data signal from MAX9286,but P2379 cannot receive any valid data.How should i deal with this problem?and Can i operate CSI device driver code?Thanks