I used the NVMEDIA acquisition SENSOR(MAX96705+0V490+OV10640) on the P2379 board and an error message appeared after starting capturing:

NvViErrorDecode Stream 0.0 failed: ts 5707632724672 frame 121 error 7 data 0x00000001
captureGetErrorStatus: ChanselShortFrame: stream=0 vc=0 frame=121 data=0x00000001 SofTs=5707125869165 ErrTs=5707138471501
NvViErrorDecode CaptureError: ChanselShortFrame (7)
NvViErrorDecode See https://wiki.nvidia.com/wmpwiki/index.php/Camera_Debugging/CaptureError_debugging for more information and links to documents.
ChanselShortFrame : 0x00000001
Channels with PIXEL_INCOMPLETE [11: 0]:
Channels 0
This can happen for three reasons: PIXEL_SHORT_FRAME: FE packet arrives before last expected pixel of the uncropped image; EMPTY_FRAME: FE packet arrives before cropped pixels other embedded data been received; PIXEL_OPEN_LINE: A pixel line has been opened with line start but FE packet arrives before line end ever arrives.
captureGetErrorStatus: ChanselShortFrame: stream=0 vc=0 frame=121 data=0x00000001 SofTs=5707620122336 ErrTs=5707632724672

Can anyone tell me the reason?Thanks

Dear JSUN25,

“NvViErrorDecode CaptureError: ChanselShortFrame (7)” occurs when a frame end (FE) appears from NVCSI before the normal number of/any pixels have appeared.
So could you please check the process? Thanks.

Thanks for your response.
Does this mean the width and height parameters of the image do not match?
In code, the member of the structure ImgProperty ,pixelFrequency = IMGWIMGHFRAMERATE*2(YUV422P,16bit)?