P40 Passthrough Graphics Mode


I am running a Tesla P40 in passthrough mode on a Windows10 virtual machine running under VMware ESX. I want to use it exclusively on this machine under a single user. I need to use it as the graphics driver on the vm, and get as CUDA, OpenGL and DirectX support as well. Can someone please outline what kind of license I need in order to get the card running in graphics mode in this environment? Do I need a license at all for this?

I have checked out a trial grid license from the Nvidia enterprise website and successfully installed the GRID8.0 driver. Using Nvidia-smi, I can see that that the Driver Model is reported as WDDM, which is what I want, I think. My problem is that the driver doesn’t appear to be running a virtual display at this point, as I am unable to increase the display resolution beyond 1024x768.


Make sure you have the NVIDIA License Server installed and set up with the evaluation license installed on it. The license is tied to the License Servers MAC Address. You’ll need a QvDWS license.

Through the NVIDIA Control Panel you can point the software at the License Server. After that you can increase the resolution and use the features of the GPU.