P40 vGPU Profile and Scheduler Question

We are currently running Citrix Xenapp with a P40 and are seeing a couple things I had questions about.

Quick Per User info:

  • 2 Monitors 1920x1080 Resolution Citrix Xenapp vSphere Hypervisor 12 GB of RAM per User Intel® Xeon® Gold 6152 Processor Intended Applications: AutoCAD & CAD Related Software We are currently using the 12Q Profile

Now my questions:
What is the default scheduler?

Based on resource monitor that I’m seeing (Which I’m not convinced is reporting correctly) each user is being limited to 1.1 GB of Video Memory, when it could use more on intensive drawings, even if its the only user logged in. How do we bump this to 1.5?

How could a user get 12GB of RAM in RDSH? You can assign resources to the VM but not really to a specific user. You are also assigning the GPU profile to the VM and there is no limitation "per User" as you suspected. The limitiation is the FB available.