P4000 only one monitor working?

I just installed this video card on a system that has been running the igpu from a intel 8700 cpu for a couple years . I am having a tough time getting my two monitors at 1080 to work of the video card. After many changes I am down to the p4000 running screen with Autocad and the other screen running of the igpu. When I connect both to the p4000 the screen goes blank on both screens. Resolution is set to 1080 at 60 hrz . I can get both screens to work by unplugging from igpu and plug into gpu while computer is running by on a restart the screens go blank again. While having both screens on gpu , before restart, the windows display setting is saying I have three monitors connected but I only have 2. I have disabled and Uninstalled the igpu driver but still cannot get both screens working of the gpu. At this point the computer is working but CAD is on gpu and igpu is running all other program graphics. Only one plug in from the 4 on the gpu is being used. Any idea?
I am using this motherboard -----ASUS Prime H370-A
windows 10 pro OS