Package of LESD5VD8LCG-R

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Please let me know the package name of LESD5VD8LCG-R so we can choose the pin-to-pin equivalent.

This may not be helpful but for my own carrier board design I used ESD9L5.0ST5G

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It’s DFN1006-2 (SOD882).

Hi Sivam_Natesan,

Here’s the datasheet that I could find. It shows a unidirectional TVS, although the schematic shows it as bidirectional.

I agree with David50, the ESD9L5.0ST5G from Onsemi is a good replacement. Although the footprint for the ESD9L5.0 (SOD923 case) has smaller pads, it will fit on the LESD8LL5.0 (SOD882) footprint. You can make it work for small prototype runs (5-10 boards), but you’ll have to check before running higher volume production.

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LESD8LL5.0T5G-LRC.pdf (447.3 KB)


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