Packet Capture: unable to capture certain packet profiles

My servers have a 10G Mellanox ConnectX-3 Pro with driver version 5.50.14688.0. This is used on a Dell R430 server. The NIC is being used to capture packets (via wireshark) sent by a SPAN port on a switch. We noticed that there are certain packets sent that the NIC does not recognize/display…an example are ICMP echo request packets from Cisco devices. I have no idea why the NIC would care but that is the behavior we’re seeing. When we move the SPAN port to another NIC on the same server, we see the packets with no issue.

Are there any debugs, diags, etc I can run on the NIC to try to isolate further?

Let me know if you need any additional details.



There are no “known issues” neither in the winof driver nor on the connectx-3 fw that we know and that might be related to ConnectX-3 pro “ignoring” or not recognizing ICMP packets from a switch SPAN port.

The icmp packets is placed within the “pailod” and the nic should not “look” into the pailod or care about it, and should send it up as-is to the application.

Is it the only packets that is missing in the WireShark? Suggesting that you check first (via Perfmon) to see if the NICs counter/s are clean and if there might be dropped or discard packets that are relevant to ICMP? Check on equivalent on the the Cisco-switch span port counters as well

In case all counters are clean then suggesting you approach to and ask to investigate it on higher debug level

Thanks Avi. We’ve validated that the packets are arriving at the NIC. When we move the SPAN port to another server with a different NIC we see the packets. I agree that this probably needs to be debugged at a deeper level. Will engage Mellanox support and see where I get.