Packet loss when passing ovs bridge

I have been testing a doca flow offload program in vnf mode, it offloads one rule which matches a 5-tuple.

One ovs bridge connects one sf port and p0, the other ovs bridge connects another sf port and ph0hpf. The program bridges two sf ports and does the offload.

When the traffic is received at the p0 port, it should be matched according to the rule and sent to the ph0hpf side.

However, while the packet count from traffic generator is same as the rx packet count on the p0 port, the packets passed through the sf ports is less (same as the matched count reported by the program), and the tx packet count on pf0hpf is even less.

It seems that ovs bridge is missing packets, is something wrong here?

If offload worked on OVS, then package drop, it should be performance issue.

You need tuning on server performance to improve.

Thanks for the reply.

I am running the program on the doca dpu, what should be done to tune the server performance?

The program is basically the same as the vnf example program.

I run the program with two sf ports, where the offload happens, does it mean the packet still need to go through the ovs bridge?

If uninstalled, it will be forwarded through the hardware layer, if I am not mistaken