padKernel() in EmuXXX mode Run time errors in EmuXXX mode

Hi, I’ve just installed CUDA 2.1 on my PC.

Since my card (7300) doesn’t supported CUDA,

before upgrading I tried to run some example in EmuXXX (both dbg and release).

I got some troubles.

Here attached the console output while running “ConvolutionFFT2D”.


Input data size : 200 x 200

Convolution kernel size : 7 x 7

Padded image size : 206 x 206

Aligned padded image size : 256 x 256

Allocating memory…

Generating random input data…

Creating FFT plan for 256 x 256…

Uploading to GPU and padding convolution kernel and input data…

…initializing padded kernel and data storage with zeroes…

…copying input data and convolution kernel from host to CUDA arrays

…binding CUDA arrays to texture references

…padding convolution kernel

cutilCheckMsg() CUTIL CUDA error: padKernel() execution failed

in file <>, line 260 : initialization error.

Premere un tasto per continuare . . .


Can anyone help me in fixing the problem?

Any help highly appreciated.