Paging not active

Optix 3.0.1 claims to have enabled out-of-core paging for GTX-class products, but querying the RT_CONTEXT_ATTRIBUTE_GPU_PAGING_ACTIVE capability returns 0 for a GTX 580. Are there any known issues that prevent paging? I’m using both D3D-interop and CUDA-interop, but I’ve experimented with the sequencing of the various device/context registrations, and paging is never active.

Did you experience any errors about paging not being supported when using scenes which would have required paging?
That is, did you exceed the amount of available video memory while asking if paging is active?

Detlef is right. RT_CONTEXT_ATTRIBUTE_GPU_PAGING_ACTIVE is 1 only if paging has been enabled, not whether paging is supported. Paging will only be enabled if you exceed GPU memory.

Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!