Panning clouds sky is blocked with fog

Hey, this Panning clouds sky looks nice:

It is from here:

But if I try to use simple fog with it, I totally loose it:

How to fix this? I know that normal dome light with HDRI can be made visible by increasing the intensity value but here we have no such setting…

Simple Fog definitely has some limitations, but let’s see if we can get it to do what you want.
First, set the Distance Density to 0.0 since you don’t want the fog to affect the sky dome and we don’t have a good way to exclude it from interacting with Simple Fog right now.
Second, set the Height-based Fog - Plane Height to a height just taller than your buildings. This will ensure that the height-based fog will cover your buildings in the distance.
Third, set the End Distance to Camera to a distance far enough out to be past your furthest buildings.
Fourth, set the Start Distance to Camera to a distance in the middle ground of your shot.
Finally, tune the Height Density and Height Falloff parameters to get the visual look that you’re wanting for your fog in your scene.

Here’s a screenshot of an example scene that I experimented with.

It’s all a bit of a hack, but I hope it will get you where you need to be until we can improve how Simple Fog interacts with other prims.

Thanks! tried it and it worked half way…

How can I make the fog to fade out in horizontal axis & closer to camera- like in your screenshot?


I think you’ll want to bring down the Height Density from 1.0 and separate the Start Distance to Camera and End Distance to Camera as much as you can without having the fog overlap onto the wrong objects in your stage. If you want the fog to start closer to the camera, definitely try decreasing the Start Distance.

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I guess there is something funky about the scaling of my UE scene, since the Height density value must be 0.0000007 until it looks natural…

By the way, this kinda value turns to 0.0 when I click away from the input box, so usage is not so intuitive.

I raised the Plane Height to 8000 and Intensity to 1.9 and now I got the look I was after. SUperb!

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Rendering this with Path-Traced makes it absolutely ART.

I cannot wait to get the rendering farm issues solved and test render this as animation!

Looks awesome! Good work!

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