Parabricks:4.0.0-1 Illegal instruction (core dumped) in haplotypecaller step

parabricks:4.0.0-1 , with nvidia/cuda:12.2.0-devel-ubuntu22.04;
system: Ubuntu20.04/ 512G memory/ 1 p100 16G card/ 38T disk space/

It works perfectly on one of my workstation, but on another, encountered the errors while in ‘haplotypecaller’ step:

input command:

for i in cat list; do docker run --gpus “device=0” --rm --volume $(pwd):/workdir --volume $(pwd):/outputdir pbrun haplotypecaller --ref /workdir/ref/hg38.fa --gvcf --in-bam /workdir/$i.bam --out-variants /outputdir/$i.g.vcf; done

the output error was as follows:

Illegal instruction (core dumped)
/usr/local/parabricks/binaries//bin/htvc /workdir/ref/hg38.fa /workdir/asp1.bam 1 -o /outputdir/asp1.g.vcf -nt 5 -g

Any suggestions? Thanks, everybody!