paralell programmng software

I am running a program that at present is in c. I believe that when I try to paralellize the code and get a disppointing (ie. slow) runtime that it is becuase of overhead and false sharing.

I am interested in TAU from U. of Oregon, which I have downloaded. My question is in TAU’s capabilities. Can it analyze c code program on linux Centos 6.3? Will it help in examining for the problems mentioned above?

Also, I have been trying to use a program called sheriff by Emery Berger at UMAS Amherst.
Does anyone here have any experience wih sheriff? The progrm is incarnated as It is Preloaded (LD_PRELOAD) when the executale in question is run.
then its libraries as substituted for the original libaries and they check the program for false sharing.

Anyone ever heard of or used this program?

Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.

THX 1138

Hi James,

While we have a good relationship the TAU folks, we don’t know the answer to your questions. Perhaps another user would know, but you’re probably best server by asking them directly

As for Sheriff, I took a quick look and it does sound interesting, but again it’s not something we know much about.

Sorry I couldn’t more helpful,