Parallel Computing Terminology Some of the most confusing terminologies in parallel computing


After I started learning parallel computing I have come accross several terms that are quite confusing. Namely, the followoing terms have been difficult for me to understand properly:


2-Simlutaneous Multithreading





7-superscalar Processors

8-Multicore Processors

9-Many Core Processors

10-Massively Parallel processors

I have searched the terms but the confusion is always there. I would be highly thankful to you, if you could find some time to describe these terms as applicable to modern parallel computing. You can added any other confusing terms in thsio list as well.


How about locating just about any elementary textbook on operating system and computer design published in the last 10 years or so and reading it?

Thanks Avidday!! But a book published 10 years back will not help me today. I am asking about these definitions as aplicable to modern paralell computing with LATEST EXAMPLES.

Trust me, it will. Most of the theory behind todays parallel computation technology comes from the 1960s. There were working examples of just about everything you are asking about by the 1980s. Any textbook (and probably any reasonable undergraduate course) on the subject written since about 1995 covers everything you should know.