Parallel encoding

I trying to run encoding at parallel, I working on “Multimedia API” on sample 15 “multivideoEncoded”, I run the sample with 1 file and it takes 600MS, I tried with 2 files and this time it takes 950MS.
I do some research and I find that dqBuffer of output_plane (in function “encoder_proc_blocking”) with one file takes about 2.5Ms and for two files it takes 5Ms.
My question is: there is some way to run the encoding parallel so the time of encoding 1 file and two files will be equal (i am guessing is supposed to be possible because you write on the documentation that Jetson Nano can encoding 1080p30x4).

Thanks for the help

If your release is Jetpack 4.5.1(r32.5.1), please set setMaxPerfMode() and try again:


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