Parallel NSight Professional now free Standard edition phased out

If Heise News can be trusted (which usually is the case), then nVidia is now giving out free licenses to NVidia Parallel NSight Professional, and Standard is no longer available.

Thank you nVidia!

EDIT: just found the announcement (dated January 20th) of NSight 1.51 in the corresponding sub-forum. Yep, it’s true. Version 1.51 has all the Professional features.

EDIT2: it just came to my mind that anybody who bought the Professional version before might have the F-word in mind, instead of “Thanks”. I hope nVidia has done something to compensate and ease previous buyers.

This is interesting… Wondering, What prompted them to do it?

I think the answer to EDIT 2 is that the model has changed. What use to be a license which got you all the features now becomes a support contract that entitles you to “premium support” rather than additional features, if I understand this correctly