Parallel NSIGHT Works with VS 2008, with debugging and analysis


Just wanted to know if I can use VS-2008 with Parallel NSIGHT.
I have two GPUs on two different PCs and shall make one a Target and another a Host (GPUs are compatible as mentioned in Parallel NSIGHT user guide ).

1-I want to debug a simple CUDA-C program

2- I want to profile the same kernel

Can I do the above two things with VS-2008 & CUDA-C, without any limitations or do I need to use CUDA driver API and VS-2010?


Yes, you can do that with VS2008.

Thanks a lot !!

Actually it’s better to use vs2008, as vs2010 is still problematic with CUDA. No limitation whether to use runtime or driver model.

nsight was originally designed for two PCs, official single PC support only came later on.

You will need windows vista or 7 though for it to work. It doesn’t work on XP (you didn’t state which windows you are using)

You will need to use