Paraview Connector Simulation Speed Control

7:55 ~

Simulation speed is too fast in Omniverse.
Can you adjust the speed?

AND… Where can I set the time bar under the omniverse in the youtube video 7:55?

Hello @mangooo! I’ve shared your post with the dev team for further assistance.

Hi @mangooo,

The speed of the simulation can be adjusted by creating a Temporal Shift Scale filter in ParaView, setting the scale to some integer larger than 1, then exporting the scene to USD. I’m not sure if it can be changed directly in Create as well.

New versions of Create have removed the time bar shown in the tutorial video, the time controls are now found under Window->Animation->Timeline in the Create menu.

Hope that helps!

I routinely use the Temporal Shift Scale filter in Paraview to adjust timesteps to be a second, so they work in Create.
BTW, I also use the Transform filter to scale my data to be about a meter in size. That way when the data comes into Create, it is visible and a reasonable size.