ParaView Omniverse Connector Updates

The ParaView 5.9 Omniverse Connector version 101.0.0 has just been released! New features include:

  • Revamped UI with new Omniverse toolbar, including sign-in, settings, and open-in-Omniverse-application buttons
  • Support for lines and (piecewise linear) curves
  • Choice of different representations for points, lines/curves, wireframe and volumes in settings menu
  • Support for volume output as textured mesh for compatibility with Omniverse Create
  • Choice of scene up-axis, text/binary output
  • Optional output of time-varying textures and material parameters
  • Option to force winding order for triangle output
  • Any Omniverse Connector render view can now be opened into Omniverse application of choice via the click of a button
  • Log verbosity selection for Omniverse Connector and Nucleus separately
  • Support for continuation of output within an existing scene (session directory) after closing an Omniverse Connector render view and creating a new one (experimental)
  • Update of Omniverse Client Library to version 1.17.7 (Live sync functionality only enabled for Create versions below 2022.2.0)

Also, the robustness of the vdb output functionality is greatly improved.

Note that this version still doesn’t support ParaView 5.10; we aim to release the connector for the latest version of ParaView very soon.

For more details and example usage, see the updated documentation page!

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