Paraview OV connector 11 crashes Paraview

The wavelet source works correctly with Paraview 11.0
My data (converted to Uniform Rectilinear Grid) crashes Paraview as soon as I change view to volume.

Hi Brad,

would it be possible to give me access to the data for debugging purposes?


I will be busy with GTC, but will try some data that I can share and see if it fails.

Brad Carvey

I had several issues that were causing crashes and other problems. First, I needed to use a couple of filters to transform my data to work correctly with OV. First, I needed the “resample to image” filter. I also had issues with size and time between timesteps. I now use a transform filter to scale everything to be around a meter in size. This makes everything easier to see and manipulate in OV. Finally, I scale the time to be about a second per timestep. With those changes my data is easy to use in OV and VDBs are generated.